Navoday Bharat is conducting a general knowledge completion for youth. Youth is encouraged to participate in this completion and win handsome prizes. This is an attempt to create knowledge about our rich heritage and past Indian heroes who have contributed immensely to make the nation what it is today.

We have been conducting workshops for underprivileged youth to guide them for career selection and skill development. These workshops also help them lead stress free lives to stop the alarmingly high suicide rates.

We also conduct sensitisation sessions for youth to shun violence and anti national activities.

Novoday Bharat has conducted situation analysis of factors leading to drug addiction among youth of northern India.

Our society is creating awareness about pollution and importance of tree plantation among school children.


General Knowledge Competition

Navoday Bharat is organising a General Knowledge Completion to create awareness about our rich heritage and culture. The winners of this competition would be given handsome cash prizes which would help them pursue their career dreams. This competition is open to all residents of Delhi Youth are encouraged to register themselves to take part in this competition.


Adolescents – young people between the age of 10 and 19 years – are often thought of as a healthy
group. Nevertheless, many suffer chronic ill-health, disability, serious diseases in adulthood which
have their roots in adolescence. For example, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, poor
eating and exercise habits lead to illness or premature death later in life. It is in this context that a
programme for the adolescents is envisaged by Navoday Bharat. We strongly believes that investment in Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health will positively influence MMR, IMR, reducing incidence of teenage pregnancy, meeting unmet contraceptive needs, reducing the incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and reducing the proportion of HIV positive cases. In order to empower adolescents to make informed decisions for facing the challenges of life, they need to develop the necessary life skills.Strategies for promoting adolescents health intervention areas involve adoption of healthy life style, impart of appropriate knowledge for discouraging early marriages and teenage pregnancy, liasion
with peers, parents and educate them about reproductive health, responsible parenthood and family life education. Thus the focus of interventions with adolescents would ultimately shift from information given, to building life skills. While life skills are built through experimental learning, these skills can be enhanced in the context of ARSH.


Sensitisation Sessions

With growing importance of materialistic substances in life, our age old social values are taking a back seat among the youth. We have been conducting sensitisation sessions for youth to shun violence, tobacco and alcohol use. They are also sensitised to respect and care for the elders in the family.

Situation Analysis of Factors Leading To Drug Addiction Among Youth

Drug abuse and addiction is on the rise throughout India. The pattern and choice of drug use depends on caste, religion, local customs and traditions. The content of cultural values are slowly changing, the poorer class is suffering from economic hardship though there is a massive rise in the upper class, all of
this combined with the dwindling support of family due to disintegration of joint family, augmenting work related stress, increasing adoption of western life style etc. is leading to drug abuse and addiction
among the youth. According to recent surveys, India has at least seventy million drug addicts.

Drugs affect mind and body equally. The young mind stops thinking positively. The body becomes lethargic and they try to remain under the influence of the drug throughout day and night. The behaviour of drug addicts becomes abnormal and psyche becomes sick. They resort to violence, stealing and their behaviour becomes highly volatile. They become living carcasses. We carried out a study to understand what triggers our youth to start using drugs and become addicted to drug use. The study was conducted among the youth of Delhi and Punjab.

During the course of the study, we came across many young people who had disturbed and disintegrated family backgrounds. As children, they were living in families where the parents had regular fights over various trivial issues leading to strained situation at home.

Many drug addicts were poor performers in studies and would avoid attending school. They started mixing with other school drop outs and started getting involved in drinking habits. Gradually they started using other narcotic substances and became addicts.

Some women addicts narrated their ordeal under which they were subjected to sexual exploitation. During the course of time they were trafficked to urban areas from various states like Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal and forced into prostitution.